Waist Away From A-Z


Waist Away From A-Z

Weight loss can be a challenge even


Weight loss can be a challenge even to the most dedicated of individuals. Waist Away From A-Z Below are a few simple tips to keep in mind before, during and after your journey!

A – ACTIVITY – Get into the groove 30 minutes each day!
B – BREAKFAST is important. Fasting slows your metabolism.
C – COMPLEX carbohydrates aid in trimming the fat.
D – DON’T PUT OFF losing ’til tomorrow…start TODAY!
E – ENLIST a buddy. Give and receive encouragement!

F – FAT-FREE items should still be consumed in moderation.
G – GUESSTIMATE what weight will look/feel best on you.
H – HAND WEIGHTS are ideal for firming your upper arms.
I – INCREASE muscle mass by exercising – Tae Bo anyone?
J – JUMPING JACKS is a great and easy cardio workout.

K – KNOW what bad eating habits you have..and change them.
L – LOG progress in a weight loss and/or fitness diary.
M – MUSCLE MASS takes up less room than fat..so exercise!
N – NO SNEAKING snacks (unless it’s a fruit or veggie!)
O – OBESITY is one of the leading causes of diabetes. Weight loss can be a challenge even

P – PRIDE in appearance…you look good, you feel good.
Q – QUIT smoking! Causes shortness of breath.
R – REWARD YOURSELF w/a new outfit for each size you lose!
S – STAY ON TRACK. Don’t let others discourage you.
T – TUMMY crunches can quickly flatten flab on your abs!

U – UNDERSTAND a body needs exercise and proper nutrition.
V – VITAMIZE your daily diet with vitamins & minerals.
W – WATER is a necessity. Add a lemon or lime for zing!
X – XTRA fruits and fat-free crackers are ALWAYS allowed.
Y – YEARN TO LOSE. Don’t give up! You can do it!
Z – ZIP up that new SMALLER outfit!


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