How to Stop Giving Away Your Health For a Doughnut!


How to Stop Giving Away Your Health For a Doughnut

How to Stop Giving Away Your Health For a Doughnut


How to Stop Giving Away Your Health For a Doughnut As I write this article, 65% of American men and 62% of American women are overweight. 22% of our children are overweight and 10% of them are obese. All of this despite the fact that Americans spend an average $40 billion a year on diet and weight loss related products! For $40 billion a year, you would think that we would be getting better results than we obviously are.

I believe that the average American is confused about how to lose weight, get themselves in good shape and protect themselves from the disease. It is easy to get confused considering all of the conflicting information out there. In this article, I am going to tell you how to stop giving away your health for a doughnut. I am going to explain to you why regular dieting is doomed to fail.

In an effort to make my point, let’s look at one way that dieters have been told to lose weight.

All diet veterans know that it takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose one pound of weight. So they go about this a couple of different ways.

First, they start limiting their calorie intake. They begin eating with an “everything in moderation” attitude. They trim their portion sizes and turn down some things that they previously would have eaten, but not anymore, they started a “new diet”! Who hasn’t used that phrase before?

Then they increase their exercise using the charts that tell you how many calories you can burn if you do a certain amount of exercise. So now they are counting the number of calories they are burning with exercise and also counting the number of calories they are saving with their new portion-controlled way of eating. I see two immediate problems with this.

Problem #1: No one can continue to count calorie deficits all their life. We are too busy living, and plus, it is boring and time intensive!

Problem #2: Eating smaller portion sizes will only last until the dieter gets on the scale and does not see a change, or else they feel so hungry that they just have to have more food!

Now the dieter feels guilty and eventually gives up. This is not the way to diet anymore! Following this common diet routine will only end in frustration, hunger and eventually failure.

Did you know that there is a very simple way to lose weight? A way that will work for anyone? A way that will get results where other diets have failed? The philosophy is very simple, and here it is:

To achieve perfect health and a perfect (for you) physique, you have to respect your body, and treat it like the earthen vessel that it is! You cannot abuse your body every day of your life and expect that someday you will not have to pay for your crimes. And when we pay, we pay big!

Are we happy with what we have created? We are the reason that they will not outlive even us.

Well, I promised to tell you how to stop giving away your health for a doughnut.

You just have to come to an understanding deep inside you that you are the creator of all the havoc you wreak on your body. You can choose that doughnut, but know what you are also choosing along with it. It does not come alone. It brings with it the possibility of lifestyle-related diseases.

Everyone is aware that if you smoke, you will probably die from lung cancer, emphysema, or other bronchial diseases from inhaling poisons into your body every day for an extended period of time. This has become well known and accepted.

So why do people have such a hard time accepting that colon cancer is the direct result of taking poisons into your body daily for a long period of time? Are we that attached to that doughnut? How many loved ones do we have to lose to various cancers before we get the fact that there is no magic pill!

Prevention is the cure! Forget that doughnut, that pizza, that cheesecake, until you understand that the choice of whether you live healthily or die early is in your hands, and in your mouth!


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